September 18, 2018

For this brand-new collection, we wanted to celebrate the skill and craft of Artisans. So, what's an Artisan? They are doers, makers and artists; a unique collective of talented people who are incredibly skilled with their hands to make amazing things. We are so inspired by Artisan not just in the UK but across the globe and really wanted to celebrate Artisan by devoting an entire collection to them. The first in our Artisan series are our pretty paper-detailed styles.

For our first ever installment, we looked to paper to inspire our design. Originating some 2000 years ago, it's something we use every single day of our lives and often take for granted. We wanted to celebrate this unsung hero, and show everyone just how pretty paper can be.
"Paper is so often over looked. It's something we use everyday and when you get creative with it, it's so beautiful in its simplicity. We wanted to celebrate that." - Jemma, Co-Founder

5 Minutes with Sarah Mathews

To help bring our new paper detail design to life, we enlisted the help of English Paper Artist, Sarah Matthews. A self-made Paper Artist, Sarah has been a maker for as long as she can remember, folding origami penguins and cutting paper doll chains as a little girl. It was only when studying Textile Surface Design that she fully realised she had a love affair with paper.