Through generating bold shapes and staying in touch with the cutting-edge watchmaking technology to constantly amaze their customers through the consistent release of new and fresh collections.

Being ambassadors of elegance and style, Balmain watches allows you to shine when wearing one of their watches. Find it all when visiting one of our shops, and find the exceptional collections.

All Balmain watches from Time Center come with International Warranty and after-sales services which are offered exclusively to our customers in possession of the watches.

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Where to Shop

Time Center Um
Uthaina Vista

Um Uthaina - Iriteria St.
(06) 552 5706

Time Center Taj
Lifestyle Center

Taj Mall - 2nd Floor
(06) 592 1601

Time Center
City Mall

City Mall - 1st Floor
(06) 586 6973

Time Center
Mecca Mall

Mecca Mall - Ground Floor
(06) 554 0151

Time Center

Sweifieh - Princess Taghreed Al Moh'd St.
(06) 581 7575

Time Center
Jabal Hussein

Jabal Hussein - Khalid bin Walid St.
(06) 567 3453

Time Center

Irbid - City Center
(02) 691 1772