September 25, 2018

Get ready! ESPRIT surprises with the watch Fall/Winter 2018 collection which is a mix of variety and individuality.

Get ready! ESPRIT surprises with the watch Fall/Winter 2018 collection which is a mix of variety and individuality.

We are carried away by a collection coined with graphical lines, round shapes, trendy colours and high value materials commonly used with a unique playfulness. Each product is elaborated till the smallest details and is tooled with inventiveness. There is a stage for each product, nothing is done as usual. Another ESPRIT collection with the extra WOW.

Ladies watches:

Colourplay and Logomania. The perfect translation of the ESPRIT philosophy as the brand stands for color and modern playfulness. The logo was translated into a graphical pattern and executed in suitable tones for the Fall/Winter collection. The half and half dial create a lot of interest and offers the right platform to put the colors and graphics in front. These are the “must haves” for the ESPRIT fan who is looking for a bright accent on the wrist.

There are not many brands which show the level of creativity by comparison as ESPRIT. Half and half cuts of the dial create an excellent stage for soft tones like rose gold and metallic grey. To have a comfortable fit on your wrist ESPRIT developed a new metal strap, similar to a mesh strap. Extra thin and comfy. You are an individualist and want your ideal companion? Then go and get one.

Gents watches:

Timeless design combined with function makes the stage for this Gents chronograph. Details like embossed indications, structures on the dial in combination with colored details on all straps whether leather or metal band makes this design unique. With this watch you surely found a long lasting and faithful companion.

 Modern architecture seems to be the key inspiration for this Gents model. Rough edges underline the masculine handwriting of this watch. Brushed dials with indications which seem engraved by hand combined with perforated structure on the bottom of the dial. The second hand deserves an extra cheer due to its excess length and the bright color tip. The bright colored peak of the hand indicates the readability. Absolute clear “must have” for the Fall/Winter you better don’t wait too long, go and get it

Couple Watch:

Fall / Winter time is couples’ time. Days are getting shorter and chilly. Retreat is happening but not with this new ESPRIT model. Inspired by cubed shapes. For Gents this model seems very distinctive with its 36mm caliber on the contrary the same silhouette comes across very soft with just 29mm diameter for the lady. Both models are simply black plated where golden accents award the noblesse. Delicate metal bands are used for these styles for extra wearing comfort.