Message from Mr. Samir Kayali

Mr. Samir Kayali

With over 62 years of dedicated retail experience, Time Center is blessed to be the strongest luxury and lifestyle retailer in Jordan.

The company started by the late Nasouh Kayali in 1952 with one shop in Downtown Amman, one brand and two employees. Nasouh Kayali was a visionary who had a dream of becoming the leading watch and jewelry retailer in Jordan. He has taught us (my brother and I) the value of hard work, discipline and believing in your dreams.

His vision of becoming the leading lifestyle retailer in Jordan has been carried by the second generation and the baton will be passed for generations to come. The legacy will be forever continued.

It is because of him that we are where we are today, with over 40 international brands, 150 employees and 29 stores. Our mission is to keep excelling and in becoming a benchmark for the highest standards of client service in Jordan.

We believe in working hard as a family to provide our clients with the best possible retail experience and the highest standards of service of our business. Our culture and employees are our backbone, and they all contribute to the overall success of our business

Our vision for the future is very optimistic, we believe there are a lot of untapped potential in the market and hence and we are aiming to diversify our retail operation horizontally into different sectors.