By: Bvlgari Roma   |   October 3, 2019


A triumph of fearless design inspired by the golden moments of a woman’s life, Serpenti Seduttori is the latest incarnation of one of Bvlgari’s most recognizable cult watches: Serpenti. Born to be gold and created as an homage to the most precious element of all, time, it captures the breathtaking beauty that weaves its way, like a golden thread, through the hours of our lives.

A masterpiece of modern glamour in stainless steel, or stainless steel and rose gold with or without diamonds, three new Serpenti Seduttori timepieces

complete the collection. Evoking all the richness of a woman’s life and the incredible preciousness of time, the new models align with the brand’s aesthetic codes. In other words, they are distinctively Italian — and unquestionably Bvlgari.

Time is the ultimate luxury. Time is precious. Time is gold.

Like the sands of time, the seconds, hours and days slip away, leaving us with treasured memories of exceptional moments. Some are grand and life-changing – one’s wedding, the birth of a child, moments of outstanding success and achievement – and some are more everyday but just as cherished: sharing a coffee with an old friend or taking a walk at sunset. These are the moments that make one want to stop time and indulge in it, breathe in its beauty and live forever. The life of the Seduttori woman is built around those golden moments. They shape who she is and define her character: her style and seductiveness, and the air of affluence and power that radiate from her persona.

From a design point of view, the collection is unprecedented and represents a bold new chapter for the world of Serpenti timepieces. Featuring a drop-shaped watch head inspired by the Serpenti Tubogas collection, the new Seduttori case is thinner than ever before and is crowned in cabochon-cut gemstones in a nod to Bvlgari’s DNA as the Roman jeweler. The collection also debuts a completely new flexible bracelet composed of stylized hexagonal links that reference the Serpenti scale motif.

An homage to the warmth and splendour of gold, the collection features styles in all three shades of gold which are at the heart of the collection: rose, white and yellow. In addition to the yellow gold and diamonds edition, there are ultra-precious diamond and diamond pavé models in white gold and rose gold. To complete the Serpenti Seduttori assortment, Bvlgari is now introducing three new styles featuring a steel case and bracelet or steel case and bracelet with a rose gold bezel.

Resonant of golden desert sands passing through an hourglass to mark the passing seconds, gold is the key to the enigma of Serpenti Seduttori, a bold new chapter for the world of Serpenti timepieces. Glamourous and versatile, the new everyday Serpenti watch is emblematic of the occasions and events that shape women’s life — and all of the golden moments that make up a well-lived life.