Mother’s Day:
Something For Every Passion

By: OMEGA International Press Office   |   March 2023

Behind every Mum, there’s a woman of style and character. Her own time is precious - and in those hours she gets to herself, there are so many passions that yearn to be fulfilled. This Mother’s Day, the kids are helping to ignite that inspiration. With some of OMEGA’s favourite lifestyle watches in focus, they’ve used colour and craft to bring the occasion to life. For all the unique Mums who love to make their lives vibrant, we’ve mixed the classic art of watchmaking with a little creativity.

The Seamaster Aqua Terra


A classic lifestyle piece for women who adore the ocean. Whether you take it sailing, or lie beside the water, the Aqua Terra has a wonderfully deep connection to the sea. In this 38mm model, stainless steel meets 18K Sedna Gold. The agate grey dial is patterned with calming waves, while the indexes are shaped like slender sailboats. Beach, boat, or city, it’s a watch that never feels far from nature.

The Speedmaster 38mm


We all know the story of the Speedmaster’s journey to the moon. This 38mm version has refined the iconic style and given it a beautifully elegant twist. But don’t be fooled. Beyond the diamonds and opaline silvery dial, this watch still retains its sense of adventure. For Mum’s who love to travel, it’s a perfectly intrepid companion. This model offers a green colourway, with a design in stainless steel and 18K Sedna™ Gold.

The Constellation Aventurine


This is a watch for fans of fashion. Worn and adored by women across the world, the Constellation has endured through time with its own unrivalled look. This 29mm model in stainless steel and 18K yellow gold has gone a step further by introducing a blue aventurine glass dial. Like a star-filled universe of its very own, the design is an ultimate statement accessory for stylish Mums who shine.