Strong, bold and precious, Versace Watches are the ultimate expression of the brand's signature aesthetic. Exclusively Swiss Made, they are permeated by the same rock’n’roll spirit of the fashion collection and cleverly interpret its most celebrated iconic symbols: the Medusa head, the Greek key and the Baroque pattern.

Produced exclusively with sophisticated materials and top quality mechanisms, the various timepieces have an innovative design that is underscored by their graphic energy and a palette of strikingly vibrant chromatic notes. More glamorous and sensual for women, more technical and understated for men, they do not hesitate to express the chic attitude and powerful character that define the Versace brand image.

With Time Center being the exclusive seller of Versace watches for ladies and gentlemen, you will be able to shop the latest collections carrying the unique medusa logo available in all stores.

All Versace watches from Time Center come with International Warranty and after-sales services which are offered exclusively to our customers in possession of watches.

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