Woven Time: Threads of Heritage

Amman, Jordan   |   March 2024

Time Center Unveils "Woven Time: Threads of Heritage" Ramadan Campaign

Amman, Jordan - In the spirit of Ramadan, Time Center, Jordan's esteemed watch retailer, is proud to announce the launch of its campaign, "Woven Time: Threads of Heritage." This initiative is a celebration of the rich tapestry of Arab heritage, the profound connections of motherhood, and the sacred traditions that bind us during the holy month.

In the midst of these difficult times, the "Woven Time: Threads of Heritage" campaign aims to honor the resilience, hope, and unity that define our communities. It is an artistic homage to the stories that have been passed down through generations, the warmth and guidance of maternal love, and the beauty of traditional crafts that serve as a testament to our shared cultural legacy.

As we observe Ramadan, celebrate Mother's Day, and carry forward the legacy of our Arab heritage, Time Center invites you to reflect on the timeless moments that shape our identity. Our carefully crafted timepieces are not just keepers of time; they are guardians of stories, of moments of love, struggle, and triumph that define us. Through "Woven Time: Threads of Heritage," we aim to weave these stories into the fabric of our present, nurturing a sense of pride and belonging that transcends borders.

Join us in this artistic journey of remembrance and hope, as we pay tribute to the unwavering spirit of our communities, the richness of our shared heritage, and the dream of a future where peace and freedom reign. Let us hold dear the legacy of our forebears and the timeless love of our mothers, as we weave these threads into the fabric of our present and future.

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